Microsoft Award Winning! Sales Force Coaching Solution

For a sales force to be effective, each sales rep needs the right knowledge, motivation, support and skills to translate opportunities into sales. Without these essential ingredients, the sales and marketing effort will underachieve, often leading to frustration among sales teams and their managers, high attrition rates and increased training costs.

PharmaCOACH Diagram

PharmaCOACH is our innovative online application designed to help you maximise the productivity and effectiveness of your sales force. It brings together all the tools and information that sales managers need to co-ordinate the development of their sales teams.

PharmaCOACH also provides sales reps with invaluable analysis, data and support, tailored to their individual development needs.

Combining intuitive user experience with our deep knowledge of the pharma sales process, PharmaCOACH provides a unique software solution to help optimise the investment your business makes in your sales force.

The new version of PharmaCOACH also supports a fully offline iPad application and is configured to enable Self-Assessment as well

PharmaCOACH is developed in Silverlight, delivering a visually appealing and intuitive user experience. Our use of the latest technology has recently been recognised with a Global Microsoft Life Sciences Innovation Award.

Please email Clare Davis for further information.

PharmaCOACH includes the following: