We are a Microsoft award winning provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) based Pharma Business Intelligence (BI) and Sales Force Effectiveness SFE capabilities with excellent client references. We are truly data agnostic, highly experienced with Pharma data sources and really care about integrating your data and making it work for you, across your organisation. Our solutions are robust, proven and get heavily used at all levels from in-country sales teams right up to global headquarters.

Why Choose Us

Our solutions are designed to bring together fragmented sales and marketing data, wherever it comes from, allowing instant analysis and reporting to help meet fast-changing business needs.

We work closely with our partners to ensure we provide the optimal user experience for every client. We help clients meet their objectives from their BI capabilities and leverage the synergies provided on a global and regional scale using our extensive knowledge and experience of the Pharma domain.

This document serves to witness our appreciation and gratitude for the work done by the Data Intelligence to support the launch of HMR in Portugal.

Through your expertise, experience and professionalism was possible to create a production model highly effective and differentiated of existing ones. This allowed HMR to gain immediately a strong competitive advantage in the market. Moreover, all the monitoring, production and quality control over more than two years that Data Intelligence cooperated with us, was exemplary.

The Data Intelligence is a highly qualified company and HMR recommends it to all who want a professional and reliable partner. They will be working with the best.

Carlos Mocho, Director General, Health Market Research